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Zodiac Style Boat

Signature Tour
3 Hours Per Person
Standard Tour
5 Hours Per Person

Experience Stunning Landscapes

(Signature tour includes one way by Float Plane)

Explore nature’s prowess reflected in the beauty of the Princess Louisa Inlet, home to the thundering Chatterbox Falls. This exclusive tour will fly you over some of British Columbia’s most stunning landscapes in one direction, and take you gliding through the inlets via tour boat for the return journey.

Gourmet refreshments and snacks are included at the falls to enjoy while you walk through the lush forest that surrounds the falls.

Venture out to one of the most beautiful inlets of British Columbia, feasting your eyes on nature’s glory, while gliding along the waves in “Big Red” our tour boat. Gaze onward as eagles fly above and sea lions or whales swim below.

Take a moment to pause in awe of Chatterbox Falls and its thunderous roar while enjoying a light snack as you explore the provincial park at the end of the Princess Louisa Inlet.

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